Parading through the city, harming kids and adults, but blaming others

Smoker © schummyone

Smoker © schummyone

When we are born on this planet, for the sake of our survival, along with our physical body, we also inherit an inborn survival system that functions according to three principles – seek pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy.

This survival system is imprinted by our mother and our assessment of our immediate environment, the moment we are born and during the early stages of our infancy. This first imprint of the world is SO important for us that it predisposes our general attitude towards life which normally lasts for a lifetime.

A positive imprint creates an attitude of trust where the person generally considers the world as a friendly place and approaches things with curiosity while a negative imprint creates an attitude of suspicion where the person generally regards the world as hostile and avoids unknown things.

But what happens if there is no mother? The newborn will imprint, in its survival system, the first object that most closely resembles the mother archetype. A baby giraffe, whose four legged mother was accidentally run over by a jeep immediately after giving birth, imprinted the four wheeled jeep itself. It ran after it, hummed to it, tried to suck on it, and when it grew up it tried to mate with it.

You see, most of us are born into and live in a society where human nature has been replaced with artificial nature:

  • where living in nature has been replaced with living in concrete
  • where walking barefoot connected to the earth has been replaced with walking in shoes that isolate the feet from the earth
  • where squatting when pooping has been replaced by using a modern device that strains our large intestine when pooping
  • where giving birth to a child in a natural way in the presence of supporting family, friends, and a midwife without machines, epidurals, and fear has been replaced with giving birth to a child in busy hospitals using artificial machines and epidurals mostly only in the presence of physicians without family and friends

And this modern method of giving birth is almost always traumatic for the newborn child and thus, creates a bad imprint. On top of the bad imprint, our mostly incompetent methods of raising children create bad conditioning. And the general violence of our society including crime, corruption, propaganda, wars, and constantly negative news come as the icing on the cake that keeps most of us in a state of anxiety on a daily basis.

Will I get my last two months’ salary? Will my children have a chance of getting a job once they graduate if they don’t become members of the ruling party? A cyclone in Fiji? Will he like me without makeup? Will she like me if I don’t lift weights? Devastating floods in Nigeria? Israelis and Palestinians throwing rockets at each other again? I can’t afford my child’s field trip, will he turn out alright and not be made fun of in school if he doesn’t go? Mommy, why do girls have to shave off the hair on their arms and legs when it grows naturally, but boys don’t?

A lady that fixed her software © i_am_morgie / Instagram

A lady that fixed her software © i_am_morgie / Instagram

Will the professor ever give me a passing grade now that my mom turned down his offer to take her out on a dinner date? Another cyclone in Fiji? Serbs, Croatians, Bosnians, and Albanians are at it again? What would happen if I stopped shaving my arms and legs and embraced my true feminine nature, would I find a guy who likes me, would the industry be okay with that? More tornadoes in Oklahoma?

Like a software with robots, these things program us and affect the way we think and behave, daily keeping us in a state of anxiety and stress, regularly causing high amounts of glucose to be pumped into our blood stream in order to prepare our muscles for fight or flight. And all of this is subconscious, automatic, and normally lasts for life UNLESS! we learn how to reprogram ourselves.

And we can! We first have to become aware of this programming, then unlearn it, rid of the bad imprints and conditioning, and then finally reprogram ourselves. The sooner, the easier. Just go ahead and try converting a 60 year old socialist into a capitalist or vice-versa and then try doing the same with a 15 year old.

But in most cases, such will power and programming skills are not acquired during one’s lifetime. What THEN does the majority of us do when in a state of anxiety and stress? Well, let’s first ask what do babies do when in a state of anxiety and stress? They seek comfort, safety, and protection from their mother and her breast.

Yes, as babies, us mammals are genetically programmed to hook our survival system to the first imprinted object that gives us comfort, safety, protection and that we can suck or bite on. The mother’s teat. Or anything similar to it, like a pacifier.

So back to the other question, for those of us who don’t fix our software, where do we seek comfort, safety, and protection when we find ourselves in a state of anxiety and stress during adulthood? We find it in any object which bears a form similar to a female’s breast and any object which we can suck, nibble, bite, or chew on. Even though ultimately, we prefer the teat.

The comfort in a mother's breast © Sonsedskaya

The comfort in a mother’s breast © Sonsedskaya

So what kind of objects are we talking about here? Chewing gum, biting nails, chewing on a pencil, sucking on a piece of candy or chocolate, biting one’s own lips, munching on some chips and pretzels, and last, but not least, smoking a cigarette.

Sooo deeply interconnected is our survival system to orality that according to the World Health Organization over 1 billion smokers worldwide continue to smoke over 5,8 trillion cigarettes a year despite the facts that:

  • tobacco kills up to half of its users
  • tobacco kills more than 7 million people worldwide each year
  • 890.000 of those 7 million annual deaths are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke

Did you hear what I said? In spite of decades of scientific and medical evidence about the dangers of smoking and how it harms both those who smoke and those near them, one billion people continue to smoke cigarettes worldwide.

Cigarettes smoked per person per year in Europe © & Euromonitor International Passport: Global Market Information Database

Cigarettes smoked per person per year in Europe © & Euromonitor International Passport: Global Market Information Database

Cigarettes smoked per person per year on the territory of former Yugoslavia © & Euromonitor International Passport: Global Market Information Database

Cigarettes smoked per person per year on the territory of former Yugoslavia © & Euromonitor International Passport: Global Market Information Database

There are 2.164.000 smokers in Serbia, 1.129.000 in Croatia, 1.027.000 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 642.000 in Macedonia, 427.000 in Slovenia, and 137.000 in Montenegro. Over 5,5 million anxious and stressed out people in need of comfort, safety, and protection who find their teat in a cigarette.

Ooooooh great mother goddess Diana of Ephesus! Come upon us, give us your teats, and comfort us during these desperate times that have fall upon us!

Goddess Diana of Ephesus © Yair Haklai

Goddess Diana of Ephesus © Yair Haklai

The tobacco industry is financially and influentially so much more powerful than any of these nations that the combined revenues of the world’s six largest tobacco companies in 2013 was $342 billion, on average 90% larger than the gross national income of any of these entities.

I wonder if restaurants in this region regularly receive financial incentives from the tobacco industry to allow smoking within their premises, since I know that when grocery stores rent a beverage refrigerator, they receive financial incentives from the beverage industry if they accept to sell their line of products. The industries are financially powerful and they can afford to do that. Why wouldn’t they when it pays off?

But are they to blame? I don’t think so. I don’t think anyone should be blamed, neither the industry nor its customers. The industry simply sells teats and the customers simply seek them. It’s their right to sell and it’s the customers’ right to buy it from them and make them financially more powerful than their entire nation.

Just imagine if the 1 million smokers in Bosnia-Herzegovina, who on average individually smoke 2233 cigarettes a year, just all of a sudden decided to quit smoking. With each pack of cigarettes costing 2,50 euros on average, this would mean 286 million euros annually not spent on something that makes someone financially much more powerful than your entire nation and something that not only harms your health, but also the health of those around you and the health of your nation.

Imagine if 286 million euros annually were instead spent on the excavation and the promotion of the Bosnian pyramids. Imagine the boom in tourism, in new jobs created, and in the overall health of the citizens.

How much money smokers yearly spend on cigarettes ©

How much money smokers yearly spend on cigarettes ©

Imagine if the smokers in the region yearly spent €1.403.179.500 on something that benefits them and raises their quality of life long-term instead of spending it on cigarettes that harm them and strengthen the tobacco industry.

OK. So great transformations could happen if people stopped smoking, but smoking cigarettes is just one way of seeking comfort, safety, and protection when one is stressed out. There are other ways.

For example, you can consume instant gratification products like chocolate, chips, ice cream, alcohol, or drugs that, just like cigarettes, artificially induce high amounts of dopamine in your brain, instantly causing you to feel gratified, temporarily masking your stress and suppressing the underlying emotion that you are experiencing at that moment, blinding you from your inner guide for hours, days, or weeks until that same underlying emotion arises again within you, trying to tell you to change something in your life, something which you can choose to listen to and deal with, OR AGAIN SUPPRESS.

These products bring a little pleasure for a while, but discontent ALWAYS follows. These products promise joy, but they don’t keep their promise.

You see, when your happiness and mood regulation becomes dependent on regularly consuming artificial pleasure inducing products, you replace your natural happiness with the temporary pleasures of the senses, and you forfeit your God given right to the joy of your spirit.

So when some brave eagles, dragons, and phoenixes start rising and getting off the teat, they are told by those who are afraid of flying, “You don’t eat chocolate and sweets at all?! That’s extreme! Why would you deprive yourself of such pleasure? We only live once!” in their attempt to discourage the brave, to keep the brave grounded like themselves, and to keep the brave from showing them how brave, THEY TOO, can be.

Oh you brave eagles, dragons, and phoenixes! Understand that the majority of us does not even know that flying is possible and because of that we’ve never even thought of trying to reach for the heights and have thus never felt the pleasures of the everlasting joy of spirit that come from within, but only temporary pleasures which come from the outside and only in spurts.

But look, I am not saying we shouldn’t consume any of these products. No. Smoke your cigarette, eat your chocolate, drink your alcohol, consume your drugs. Life can be tough and we have the right to live it as we want and consume these products. But we ALSO have the right to know why we consume them, how they function on us, and that there ARE other ways. They simply don’t teach us these things in schools, not even medical schools.

Oh my God! I totally love chocolate! I couldn’t live without it!” That’s alright, eat chocolate, but know why you eat it and why you can’t live without it – sugar, caloric density, fat, casomorphins (opiates). Yes, every mother’s milk contains opiates, but opiates in cow’s milk are MUCH more potent than the one’s in human milk and cause a much bigger release of dopamine. “Yuuum! It’s sooo delicious! Is it possible that it’s that goood?!”

So, no, I am not saying we should stop consuming them. On the contrary, I think that everyone has the right to do and consume anything that gives them pleasure and I think that everyone has the right to put whatever they want in their mouth.

But NOT at the expense of others.

So who are these people who seek pleasure at the expense of others? Who are these people who parade through the city harming infants, children, adults, and the environment?

They are people who smoke cigarettes while parading through the city and consciously harm babies, children, and adults. Many of these people also uglify the city and pollute the environment by throwing their cigarette butts, often unextinguished, onto the streets and parks of our cities as if they are entitled to it.

Smoker © schummyone

Smoker © schummyone

These people are everywhere. It is almost impossible to walk down the street for more than a minute without passing by a parading smoker who consciously ignores the warning on cigarette packs and the fact that the smoke from his or her cigarette harms others.

Inhaling cigarette smoke annually kills 890.000 non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke.

Inhaling cigarette smoke is one of the main ways to expose yourself to cadmium and “cadmium is known as a highly toxic metal that represents a major hazard” to human health. It stays in your body for decades because your body does not have an efficient way of getting rid of it and it may contribute to several illnesses, including “heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.” Inhaling someone’s smoke hurts you just like getting punched by someone would hurt you. Would you allow someone to keep punching every day?

But that’s not all. There are people who enjoy the benefits that a pet dog brings, but they run away from the responsibility of owning a pet dog and cleaning their own dog’s poop in public at the expense of others and the environment. There are even people who parade through the city while smoking a cigarette and walking their dog at the same time, without picking up their dog’s poop!

Some of these people, out of their own misery, even go as far as blaming others who seek their pleasure in peaceful ways that do not harm anyone. Who are you to tell someone how they should be seeking pleasure if they are not harming others by it? Who are you to blame two ladies for holding each other’s hands and peacefully walking through the city? Did you know that Tim Cook, the CEO of the company that produces your iPhone and Mac, is a person who is openly gay? Who are you to blame someone for seeking comfort in some religion other than yours? Have you ever heard of Steve Jobs, the guy who cofounded the company that produces your iPhone and Mac and whose father is a Syrian Muslim named Abdulfattah Jandali? And even if you don’t smoke, who are you to blame someone for smoking a cigarette in their own home only at the expense their own health?

Look, blaming does not solve problems.

Blaming is giving the power over your own life to someone else. It makes you dependent. Blaming someone puts the key to your own happiness in someone else’s pocket.

Blaming does not solve problems permanently. Neither does aggression or passivity. Only knowledge, love, and consciousness.

So what can you do when you see someone smoking a cigarette on the street or not cleaning up their dog’s poop?

Become conscious. Understand why they do that.

Understand how cigarettes affect people and why people smoke them. Become conscious that cigarettes are a type of comfort to a person who is in a state of stress or discontent, whether they are conscious or unconscious of it. Understand that smoking cigarettes harms the human body, that its harmful effects are proven by science, and that it’s also labeled on cigarette packs. Understand that you cannot expect from someone who consciously hurts themselves to be capable of worrying about whether their behavior hurts you and others. Understand that you cannot expect a person who does not take responsibility for cleaning up their own mess to take responsibility towards others.

And do not get angry. You cannot control the actions of others, but you can stop hurting yourself all the time by not getting angry. For when you are angry, you poison your blood and damage your nerves. Anger changes the chemicals in your blood and affects circulation. If cigarette smoke already harms you, why would you inflict more harm onto yourself by creating poison in your blood and damaging your nerves?

You can ask a person who is smoking in public to put out their cigarette on the grounds that cigarette smoke harms you and the environment, but understand that they may not listen and that, instead of awakening empathy in them, you will only cause a sense of condemnation and anger in them. The only thing that is in your total control is to become conscious, remain calm, and distance yourself from them in order to avoid inhaling the smoke.

You can try to respectfully tell them that their dog’s poop is making your neighborhood ugly and smelly, dirtying up people’s shoes, and kindly ask them to clean after their dog. But again, understand that they might not listen and that your words may in turn only agitate them. And this does not solve the problem. The only thing that is in your total control is to become conscious, remain calm, and go around the poop or clean it off your shoes. And if you are in the mood, you can always pick up their dog’s poop yourself, but if you decide to do that, do it without any expectations.

Whatever you decide to do, do not get angry. Do not ever blame others, for then you surrender your power, and the power is within you! Do not give it to anyone! Keep it for yourself. Do not blame anyone, not even yourself. You have the choice of going to restaurants and cafes in which smoking is allowed or prohibited. Just in Belgrade, there are over 50 restaurants and cafes where smoking is strictly prohibited!

You can choose whether you will harm yourself, your family, and your friends and give your power over to others. Once again, remember that the power is within you!

And if you decide to take the responsibility for your life into your own hands, believe me, it will be something extraordinary! Believe me that if you completely become independent of products of artificial pleasures, you will find a new joy within you. With good habits and strong will power, you will feel this joy at every moment, even in your sleep. Oh how great this joy will be for you! I cannot explain this to you in words, you have to experience it yourself! Believe me, God is great!

And I have a dream!

I have a dream that the people living in this region do not become the last, but the first people in Europe to completely eradicate smoking in public, the first people whose consciousness rises SO HIGH that it renders all anti-smoking laws worthless! SO HIGH that they will realize that the power is in their hands and that they will annually spend €1.403.179.500, not on something that harms them, but on something that benefits them and their children! On parks, promenades, interactive children’s playgrounds, and magic forests!

Now go on and fly, you brave eagles! Go on and fly high above the horizon, then come back, and tell those of us afraid of heights what you have seen! We may condemn you like we condemned Nicolaus Copernicus, persecute you like we persecuted Galileo Galilei, murder you like we murdered Nikola Tesla, ignore you like we ignore Michael Greger, and ridicule you like we ridicule Semir Osmanagich, but know that the seeds of knowledge that you plant in us shall forever permeate our souls until the day we become one with you.


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