Novak Djokovic answers questions about the plant-based diet

Novak Djokovic @ zhukovsky

During an official press conference in Wimbledon which was held on July 2019, Novak Djokovic answers several questions about the plant-based diet as well as the new documentary The Game Changers which documents an explosive rise of the plant-based diet among professional athletes and whose executive producers are Novak Djokovic, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Paul, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger i Jackie Chan.

08:19 – 08:27
Somebody has talked all over the Wimbledon town center, Djokovic is a vegan. Is this true and if so why you made that choice?

08:28 – 09:05
I don’t like the labels, to be honest. So I do eat plant-based for quite a few years already, but because of the missinterpretations of labels and misuse of labels, I just don’t like that kind of a name, but I do eat plant-based and I think that’s one of the reasons why I recover well and don’t have allergies that I used to have anymore. And I like it.

10:04 – 10:15
Novak, my daughter keeps texting me about a documentary that you’re involved in. I’m just wondering, from your point of view, what was it like being an executive producer on a documentary and should we watch it?

10:17 – 10:47
Well, you should watch it if you have an interest, of course. I mean it’s about a plant-based diet. That’s what I’m going to say. Obviously, they are coming out with it soon and it is about how this diet affects the world, not just personal health, but also sustainability and ecology, animals, and this is what I care about, so I’m really privileged to be a part of that team.

The entire video recording of the press conference can be viewed below:

The trailer of the documentary film The Game Changers can be viewed below:

More information about the documentary film can be seen on the official website The Game Changers.


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