Is a vegan diet a healthy diet?

Vegan products

Vegan products

Some people think that some meats are healthy, some people think that eggs and dairy products are healthier than meat, while some people, wishing to improve their health, but unaware and uninformed about the fact that food which isn’t of animal origin is not all automatically healthy food, stop eating food of animal origin replacing it with almost equally harmful highly processed products of plant origin.

Contradicting information and sensational claims are leaving people confused. In medical schools there is hardly any education about nutrition and the public generally, without thorough examination, believes what some media publishes, and that which is published has a lot of contradictions. Eat fruits, don’t eat fruits. Eat meat, don’t eat meat. And people don’t know whom to believe.

Many people think that healthy food includes some types of meat such as fish, white chicken, and organic meat. But considering that the World Health Organization has officially declared meat as a Group 1 carcinogen, considering that fish contains mercury and a large amount of toxic materials that it daily soaks up from the oceans during its multi-year lifespan, and considering that Eskimos who predominantly consume meat including fish have an average lifespan of 68 years and double the mortality from strokes than other populations, meat is no longer a controversy.

We humans can survive on raw and cooked meat, but our bodies are designed to thrive only on a plant-based diet. The scientific world has undeniably proven that all types of meat are harmful to human health so meat cannot in any way be considered a healthy food. With that said, we are now going to clarify the difference between a vegan and a whole food plant-based diet, as well as a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian diet is a term for a diet that excludes meat, but includes everything else such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products. But the thing is that eggs and dairy products are nutritionally not much different from meat. Cholesterol, great amounts of saturated fat, problematic animal protein, and all other harmful substances that are in meat are also in eggs and dairy products. Someone can say that they eat a vegetarian diet, but daily consume eggs and dairy products, and that’s not a healthy diet.

However, someone can also say that they are on a vegan diet, but have the majority of their daily diet consist of highly processed foods of plant origin which contain little or no fiber and which are full of vegetable oil, added salt, or added sugar, and that’s not a healthy diet.

Vegan diet by definition only means a diet that does not include animal products, and this does not automatically make it healthy because it only tells us what it doesn’t contain, but not what it does contain. So a vegan diet could mean a healthy diet, but it could also mean an unhealthy diet if the majority of food that someone daily consumes is highly processed products of plant origin and almost no whole fruits and vegetables.

Alright, so if a vegan diet does not automatically mean a healthy diet, what then is a truly healthy diet and is there a name for a truly healthy diet? Yes, a truly healthy diet is a diet that is centered more on whole plants such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, greens, and nuts and less on refined products of plant origin, and excludes meat, eggs, and dairy and this diet is called a whole food plant-based diet. It is the only diet for which it has ever been irrefutably proven that it can prevent, stop, and reverse the leading causes of death.

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

Almost every person who starts eating a whole food plant based diet, within a month, starts feeling changes in every aspect of their life – physical, mental, and energetic. They begin to feel that something is happening, some type of a transformation.

So if we really want to improve our health and diet, then we should strive to make as much of our day-to-day diet centered more on a whole food plant-based diet and less on animal and processed plant products as possible. And that doesn’t mean that the only option we have is to get rid of everything or nothing. No. Eating is not a competition and if we can’t do without something, okay, then eat it, but along with that we look to make sure that our daily diet centers around whole fruits and vegetables because the foundation of our diet is the important thing.

And we should understand that it is almost impossible to avoid certain things such as vegetable oils or added salt when buying processed plant products or when we are out in the city, visiting friends, or traveling. So it’s good for us to always be aware that eating is not a competition and to not preoccupy ourselves with every detail, but instead look at the bigger picture which is the foundation of our daily diet.

One good way of reminding ourselves of the bigger picture is to visualize looking at ourselves eating one meal from outer space which instantly leads to realizing how insignificant one meal is compared to the bigger picture.  Because of that, the most important thing for us is to know what loves us, what doesn’t, and to strive as much as possible to center our diet around a diet that loves us – whole food plant-based diet.


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