How I healed and prevented an ingrown toenail?

How to heal an ingrown toenail ©

How to heal an ingrown toenail ©

During my teenage years, I’ve had a continuous battle with ingrown toenails that caused me much pain, especially during sports activities. This prompted me to try all kinds of cures ranging from mini surgeries to soaking the toenail in hot water and placing cotton balls underneath it. But nothing helped permanently as the ingrown toenails kept reoccurring and causing me pain over and over. Then one day, a coach overheard me mentioning my struggles and taught me the V-shape cutting method that brought my struggles with ingrown toenails to an end, forever.

How do you do the V-shape cutting method?

  1. Take a nail cutter and make a V-shaped cut in the middle of your toenail
  2. Then take a nail file and file the corners just a little so that they lose their sharpness

How does this work? Toenails are made out of a tough protective protein called keratin. When you make a V-shaped cut in the middle of your toenail, it causes your body to rebalance the forces used for growing nails by using more keratin towards growing the middle part of your toenail and less towards the sides of your toenail. Within less than five days, your ingrown toenail should be healed.

You can keep cutting your toenails this way from now on as a preventative measure or whenever your intuition tells you that your toenail might become ingrown. Another thing that’s also good to know is that toenails can be cut much more easily after a warm shower because warm water softens the skin around the nails.

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