Bosnian pyramids – Interview with Dr. Semir Osmanagich

Dr. Semir Osmanagich © OMTimes Magazine

Dr. Semir Osmanagich © OMTimes Magazine

In 2005, a businessman, researcher, and anthropology professor at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dr. Semir Osmanagich made a groundbreaking discovery which, after 11 years of archaeological digging, sample testing, radiocarbon dating, and two scientific conferences still divides the archaeological community. Semir Osmanagich is the author of 15 books on ancient civilizations and pyramids around the world. Dr. Semir Osmanagich joins us to discuss why he maintained that everything we thought we knew about the history of civilization and the age and purpose of pyramids is wrong and why so many archaeologists, and cultural media, and political establishments still refuse to acknowledge it.

Sandie Sedgbeer: Dr. Semir Osmanagich, welcome. You’re a world-renowned expert on pyramids. You have investigated the structures in China, Mauritius, the Canary Islands, Egypt, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Honduras, Mexico, etc. And, in 2005, you discovered the first pyramids on European soil. Can you tell us, briefly, how that discovery came about?

Semir Osmanagich: For the last 25 years, I’ve been researching ancient civilizations and pyramids in particular. My PhD was about the Mayan pyramids, and I realized that most pyramids on the planet are covered by soil and vegetation. In China, Guatemala, or Mexico. People know about Egyptian pyramids or Peruvian, but they’re in the desert, so no greenery, no rain. So, in 2005, I first came to a little Bosnian town of Visoko in central Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit the local museum. And then, I saw that towering the town was a huge hill, as they called it. But, it had four sides, triangular faces, four corners, the same slope from bottom to the top. I took a compass, and the compass showed me that those sides perfectly matched cardinal points – east, west, north, south.

So, with a geometry and perfect orientation, I knew that despite the soil and the forest, below, there was an artificial structure. So, starting 2005, we got to archaeological digging. We found that there was a biggest, a largest pyramidal complex on the planet located in Bosnia on European soil.

Bosnian pyramid of the Sun ©

Bosnian pyramid of the Sun ©

Sandie Sedgbeer: When you first started excavating, what did you imagine that your excavations would reveal?

Semir Osmanagich: I wasn’t sure what we were going to find below the layers of soil. However, the first preliminary geological core drilling showed us a lot of anomalies that started that are not supposed to be there. And, when we started removing the soil in our archaeological trenches, we realized that three feet below the soil there are huge blocks, some of them rectangular, square, or even different shapes.

We analyzed the material. It proved to be artificially made concrete. Some people call it geopolymer concrete, some people synthetic concrete. So, the ancients were able to make the concrete which, when it comes to the quality and the hardness, was better than what we can make in the 21st century. So, we realized that the whole pyramid has been covered in concrete, about 18 million tons of artificially made concrete, which is much more than, for example, the Great Pyramids of Egypt’s five million tons of blocks.

Bosnian pyramid of the Moon © Jock Doubleday

Bosnian pyramid of the Moon © Jock Doubleday

Bosnian pyramid of the Moon

Bosnian pyramid of the Moon

Sandie Sedgbeer: So, you’ve now yielded, what, five pyramids of various sizes as what is a vast labyrinth of underground tunnels?

Semir Osmanagich: That is correct. So far, we’ve been digging on five structures. Below the soil, we’ve been finding blocks, obviously, a very interesting structure made by intelligent hands. Those five structures we named the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Earth, and Love.

And there is a huge prehistorical underground tunnel network. So, we have a system of tunnels, passageways, chambers, intersections, underground lakes. Whoever built it, they had the capabilities to maneuver and to move huge quantities of construction material.

In the case of Bosnian pyramid projects, we realized that we need to redefine what a pyramid is. It’s not a tomb for the Pharaohs. It’s not the place to sacrifice the enemy. But, we must establish a set of scientific criteria, which we did. And we have ten criteria for pyramids.

Number one, geometry, four-sided pyramid.

Number two, artificial construction material. In Bosnia, it’s concrete; in Egypt, limestone and granite; in Peru, adobe bricks; in Guatemala, shaped volcanic stone.

Number three, the orientation to the cardinal points – east, west, north, south – all the Chinese pyramids, all the Egyptian pyramids, more so the Peruvian, and Mexican, all pyramids, perfect orientation. Then, in a passageway, some chambers. Then, in number five, underground tunnels in Egypt, Mexico, China, Peru, Bosnia. Then, water, they have underground water flow.

Number four, sacred geometry, then, astronomical features, energy pointed places. Below the Bosnian pyramids, we have ions which generate electromagnetic fields. We have underground water flows. They release negative ions. They have argon energy. They have natural magnetism. What the pyramid does, it amplifies existing energy sources.

And the last element is so-called volcanic lines. We’ve analyzed 75 biggest pyramids in the megalithic in the world, from Egypt, Mexico, Peru, U.K., China, Indonesia, and concluded that to all of these places, volcanic lines to run to them. So, you have two volcanoes. You connect them with a line. It is a volcanic line. You extend this line, and if you have megalithic sites, often at the end, it means it lies on the volcanic line.

The result is the pyramid is an energy machine, energy amplifier.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon © Hailey Bilješković

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon © Hailey Bilješković

Sandie Sedgbeer: Now, your research shows that the oldest Chinese and Egyptian pyramids are much superior to those made later. And you say, in your book, that traces of more advanced beings are all around us, which, you say, tells us that civilization devolved rather than evolved. Can you expand a little on that?

Semir Osmanagich: In China, there are 250 pyramids, about 20 large, huge pyramids. The Chinese government does not let archaeologists uncover them. However, I did talk with their leading archaeologist. They told me they were built from far superior materials, like granite and sandstone. The smaller pyramids were built from the mud bricks, which is inferior material and used even today.

So, the biggest ones, all over 12,000 years old, the smallest, inferior 2,300 up to 1,000 before present, so superior are much older. In Egypt, the same thing, the pyramids that are being called the Great Pyramid of Egypt, or Khufu Pyramid, and Khafre Pyramid, and Mycerinus Pyramid, Jocel’s Pyramid, they belong to much earlier period. Egyptologists are saying third, fourth, and fifth dynasty, even though I think they are much, much older, about 12,000 years.

After those pyramids, there were more pyramids built, mostly step pyramids. But, they were built from, again, inferior material, mud bricks. So, the biggest pyramids in Egypt, in China, even in Mexico, in Bosnia, are much bigger, superior, and they were energy machines.

So, the knowledge that’s been linked to the pyramids has been brought to us. So, there is no slow evolution, but the knowledge came to us. So, it was more advanced civilization. As a scientist, I cannot say that it was built by humans, or extraterrestrials, or being from a different dimension before I have the definite truth. Right now, I don’t have it.

Sandie Sedgbeer: You found a megalithic block in the prehistoric underground complex that had what looked like ancient Hungarian ruins. And one visitor went to try and decipher the runic meaning which, in your book, reads something like, “The Gateway has closed. We are a standstill. We will have to act as warriors to defend and conquer until we can move again through the stargate.” What do you make of that?

Semir Osmanagich: Well, it’s a very intriguing decipherment, I must admit. Namely, the runic symbol is the oldest formal writing in Europe, generally accepted. Some international scientists are saying it’s about 2,500 years old, independently, for sure is the thing. It’s about 7,000 years old.

Sandie Sedgbeer: Dr. Semir Osmanagich, when you and I first spoke about the pyramids back in 2011, you seemed a little hesitant to reveal your thoughts on the builders and their purpose. Since then, you seem a lot more open about the most metaphysical aspects of the discovery – the underground healing chambers, the orbs, a possible message of the ruins. What’s changed for you?

Semir Osmanagich: Well, we have had so many people coming and visiting us – researchers, conventional scientists, independent scientists, spiritual scientists, psychics, Akashic Record readers. And we’ve learned that this complex was so large and so important for humanity and that, you know, archaeology or even science cannot explain it.

You know, when you have 10, 20, 50 people, confirming one thing time after time, when you have pictures and videos of orbs that are intriguing perfectly spherical lights which move on their own and which showed intelligence, I mean, you cannot close your eyes pretending that nothing is there. Well, we’ve been exploring stuff like that. We’ve been exploring the influence of the pyramid energy to humans, to water, to food, to all different aspect, to our aura, developing of our spiritual senses because these are the testimonies of hundreds and hundreds of people given to us on video.

So, for example, when it comes to healing process, we’ve noticed that people go to the tunnels, and after one visit only, they had some, you know, health issues, for example, asthma. They would start breathing so good that they wouldn’t need the, you know, air pumps no more. People with high blood pressure, it gets normalized. People with high glucose, high sugar in the blood, it gets normalized. People with pain, pains are gone. So, we started doing miracle studies which confirmed there was an, immediately, immediate improvement of their, you know, health status.

So, we started measuring, for example, the concentration of negative ions. The medical science knows that negative ions are very good for us because they raise the level of oxygen in our body. They kill virus and bacteria.

And then, the next thing that affects our health is the cosmic radiations. A lot of them and some of them are harmful to our body. You go to the Bosnian pyramid tunnels 100-150 feet under the ground, no harmful cosmic radiation, no natural radioactivity, which you also factor.

So, you get inside. Your body does not have enemies no more. And your body cells can start doing their job. It means that instead of getting the pills from the pharmaceutical industry, we can go through a self-healing process.

The next thing, the water in some of the tunnels, we’ve been finding water that’s been there for thousands of years. It is not the surface water. So, we did a conventional analysis – chemical, microbiological – no viruses, no bacteria, excellent pH factor, meaning it is drinkable. If you drink the pyramid water, you can see on technology base by Professor Kuratko from Russia that this water heals you. So, it is a healing water and things like that.

So, we realized, hey, this pyramid energy affects so many different aspects of our lives. We had a study that 160 people, and we’ve been checking their aura, by energy field around the body, before entering the tunnels and after they came back. 85% of cases, the aura, was improved 10-40%, meaning one visit only is a self-healing treatment in the tunnel, immunity goes up, and with a bigger aura, we can start developing our spiritual senses.

What are the spiritual senses? We know about five physical senses, but we have 30 spiritual senses at least. Telepathy is one of them. Telekinesis is another one. Teleportation is another one. Seeing other people’s aura is another one. So, we realized that the pyramid energy can affect those abilities in the best possible way.

Healing chamber in Bosnian Pyramids Underground Tunnels ©

Healing chamber in Bosnian Pyramids Underground Tunnels ©

Bosnian pyramids underground water © Jock Doubleday

Bosnian pyramids underground water © Jock Doubleday

Sandie Sedgbeer: During a recent visit by best-selling author and researcher Erich von Däniken, a video was made in one of your underground labyrinths. Video in which hundreds, if not thousands, of orbs, are clearly seen piling over the two of you, coming from one of the side tunnels like a tsunami and flying around you both. Do you have theories about what these orbs are?

Semir Osmanagich: Well, the two of us were talking. And we stayed in the tunnels for about three and a half hours, so I was explaining to him some stuff. And his assistant was filming it. And, on his camera, you can clearly see, like you said, thousands of orbs that are, you know, intriguing perfectly spherical lights. They are of different sizes. They move at different speeds in a different direction, some of them going zigzag, coming back. It’s like, they’re having fun around us.

So, obviously, they show signs of intelligence. And, a personal feeling is that they are very supportive and they are very joyful, at least a great majority of them.

But, our physical senses cannot really sense them, or see them, or feel them, even though there were some people who came to visit us who were able to see orbs. And, really, there is a way, if you, focus, meditate, you can even invite them; when you make your photographs on your, you know, camera, then yes, they will be there. But, obviously, their order will be different than you think that it was.

Sandie Sedgbeer: Why are so many others in criticism of you and the Bosnian pyramids?

Semir Osmanagich: This is a huge discovery. Number one, the first pyramids on European soil. Nobody discussed the possibility that pyramids were built in Europe. Secondly, these are the largest pyramids on the planet, much bigger than Egyptian pyramids, meaning these had more advanced civilization. Number three, these are the oldest structure on the planet. They completely change the history books. And you have to know that those who control our past control our present. Who are the elites.

So, if there’s such a huge discovery in little Bosnia, little countries like Bosnia don’t change our history, and especially, a non-profit, non-government foundation like ours, which we named Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. We are totally independent, intellectually and financially. Elites don’t like that. So, what do they do? They use their tools, like National Geographic, or Wikipedia, or archaeological institutes trying to stop us, writing petitions against us, and at least, try to label you and boycott you.

However, the truth is much stronger this time, and it is coming to the surface. We have made this project the most open project in the world. For example, in Egypt, you cannot go and dig Egyptian pyramids. Egyptians are digging at night looking for the Atlantean library. You go and ask them about the results, they will tell you, oh, this confidential. Why is it confidential? The knowledge belongs to all of us, not the elite only.

Bosnian valley of the Pyramids ©

Bosnian valley of the Pyramids ©

Sandie Sedgbeer: Now, you were declared Man of the Year in Bosnia in 2007. You’re the first honorable citizen of the town of Visoko. How did the Bosnian government react? I mean you must be doing great things for Bosnian tourism.

Semir Osmanagich: Everyone who came to Bosnian pyramid sites were impressed, and they support us. So, we had some Bosnian prime ministers, ministers, ambassadors, a lot of politicians. But, all in all, a lot of other, you know, common people. So, since six, seven years now, we haven’t been funded by the government no more, no more grants. So, we’ve been, you know, financing our operation through the tourist money. People come. We charge them a little, you know, for the tickets to see the sites. So, basically, we have this connection between tourism, and archaeology and science, and research.

In Visoko, the town that the pyramids are located, you know, I would say 80% of people support us in Bosnia, 80% of the people. But, generally, people are very supportive because they know this project is so important globally.

Sandie Sedgbeer: Earlier this year, you held a summer solstice event on the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in which you broadcast messages of love and harmony to the world. I think that’s a really beautiful way to use the energy of a site like this, which of course, is in stark contrast to what Zahi Hawass is doing in Egypt.

Semir Osmanagich: Well, you go to Egypt and try to talk to archaeologists there. You can’t find them. You try to talk to diggers. They cannot tell you anything, always some secrets. People are so serious, too serious.

You come to Bosnia. Everybody talks to each other. You see our volunteers. You see our workers. You have researchers. You have visitors, and guests, and media. People exchange the ideas. They are open-minded with a smile on their face. It’s so different. Those people are happy to be part of such a huge and important project.

So, we are bringing a new, fresh era in archaeology, in science in general, with no secrets, with so many volunteers. They’re different concepts. So, this is the future of archaeology, not confidentiality, not secrets, not selective information. We want to change that because the knowledge belongs to all of us.

So, in Bosnia, we promote free energy. We promote self-healing instead of pharma. We promote the knowledge from the ancients who were able to communicate, interplanetary intelligence. So, they can see that it is the base that will bring us to the society with the free women and free men. It’s different than what we have today. So, I think that we have prevailed.

Sandie Sedgbeer: So, how much more do you think there is to discover?

Semir Osmanagich: Well, for example, in the tunnels so far, we have cleared about 6,000 feet. But, somebody enters the tunnel through the pyramids. It’s about 1.4 miles. So far, we’ve discovered five underground chambers. We discovered so many different energy fields. They’re very beneficial. We discovered water in some of them, channels. We discovered underground lakes. But, this is just the beginning. So, it’s probably less than 5% of the original network. So, the biggest discoveries are still in front of us.

Under Sun Pyramid, they discovered the best quality concrete. We are hoping, eventually, to find some entrances to get to the pyramid through the tunnels. We’re going to get under the pyramids. What are we going to find there? We don’t know. I speculate probably going to find not a smaller, but much bigger chamber, maybe open spaces.

Sandie Sedgbeer: Dr. Semir Osmanagich, thank you so much for joining us today, absolutely fascinating. For more Information, please visit and

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