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Matija © Fabrika znanja

Matija © Fabrika znanja

Fear and material things are finite and limit and make a man dependent while love and knowledge are timeless and empower and liberate him from dependence. Fear and material things follow a man only up until the end of his life on Earth while love and knowledge permeate the entire cosmos and time, following a man’s soul into eternity.

Depending on material things and fearing pain, suffering, attachment, loneliness, failure, poverty, disappointment, authority, exile, hate, rejection, ridicule, shame, and death, a man on the path of fear and materialism eventually represses, extinguishes, and forgets his inborn power and talents, his life aspirations and passions, his truth and purpose of life.

But if he sets out on the path of love and knowledge, man begins to realize that all fears and dependence on material things are just an illusion, a lie, and a deception behind which lie his power and absolute truth. And when he realizes that, the awareness of his power and purpose of life awakens in him and that purpose becomes an irrevocable conviction and a way of life in front of which dependence on material things, fear, and proponents of fear cease to exist. This is when the fear of death, too, begins to melt and disappear into the eternal void because a man on the path of love and knowledge becomes aware that he, too, like love and knowledge, is immortal.


Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate
Cornell University – T. Colin Campbell CNS (Ithaca, NY, USA)

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Northern Illinois University (Dekalb, IL, USA)

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Northern Illinois University (Dekalb, IL, USA)


Whole Food Plant-Based Diet100%

Vipassana Meditation100%

Ashtanga Yoga100%



He had a higher rank. He was good. He wasn’t thirsty for blood. He went to war because he felt it was a personal obligation that he had to fulfill. But, in the end, he deserted. He couldn’t do it any longer. He was a tall, lean, handsome man with a proud posture, but he suffered tremendously on the inside. They killed him. They shot him in the head with a gun.

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