9 less known facts about pyramids

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Electromagentic Beam © piramidasunca.ba

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Electromagentic Beam © piramidasunca.ba

  1. Pyramids were built as energy amplifiers and not as tombs for pharaohs or places to sacrifice the enemy. Pyramids amplify existing energy sources.
  2. Most pyramids in the world are covered by layers of soil and vegetation that are 1–6 meters (3–15 feet) thick. Most people only know about Egyptian pyramids which are in the desert with no greenery. In the year of 1850, the Pyramid of the Moon in the Mexican city of Teotihuacan looked like a natural hill covered by vegetation. It took the Mexican and American archaeologists 75 years to excavate it so that it can look the way it looks today.
  3. The older a pyramid is, the more superior construction material it is made from. This means that the older a pyramid is, the more advanced its builders were. In Egypt, pyramids are made out of limestone and granite; in Peru mudbricks; in Guatemala shaped volcanic stone; in Bosnia concrete. The concrete from which the Bosnian pyramids are made of is the strongest and the highest quality concrete in the world with a force of 133 megapascals while the strongest concrete that’s produced nowadays is 60 megapascals strong.
  4. Pyramids have a perfect orientation to the cardinal points – east, west, north, south. All pyramids. Chinese, Egyptian, Peruvian, Mexican, Bosnian.
  5. Many pyramids are located on volcanic lines. Take locations of two volcanoes on a map, connect them with a line, and you get what’s called a volcanic line. Extend this line and you’ll often find pyramids on it.
  6. Pyramids are highly concentrated with negative ions which raise the level of oxygen in our bodies and kill viruses and bacteria.
  7. Pyramids speed up the development of our spiritual senses.
  8. There are 250 pyramids in China of which about 20 are large, huge pyramids. However, archaeologists are not allowed to dig and uncover them.
  9. The largest and the oldest pyramid in the world is located on European soil in Bosnia in the city of Visoko and it was built as an energy machine that emits superfast Tesla scalar waves into space.

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